Terms and conditions
Booking rules
  • The accuracy of the information contained hotel and all the information and characteristics of hotels and hotel apartments ranging from a rate, method of calculating tolls, service charge, there is breakfast service to the rooms, pool and sauna, transfer from the airport and the railway and all facilities. Dear User, if you create the smallest doubt about the information mentioned on the reservation system, you can, before proceeding to the respective hotel booking, relevant information to verify it. Click on the name of the hotel through the hotel website to get more information or e-mail correspondence with the hotel.
  • The hotel is booked any hotel cancellation rules and laws are different in each booking. If you request cancellation of your booking for the first charge cancellation fees coordinate relevant legislation, although additional information in the hotel's cancellation.
  • If you do not see the passenger at the time of booking, room for passengers kept empty and no boxes will not be refunded.
  • Upon arriving at the hotel with identification is required to seal the booking system will have no liability in this case.
  • All previous arrangements for special circumstances should a passenger vouchers (confirmation of booking), override registration will not be accepted otherwise.
  • Certainty of reservations and conditions are reserved solely for the voucher (confirmation of booking) will be documented.
  • After making a reservation and issuing receipts, the commitment website where the hotel is booked date, but involves presentation of proper service from the hotel to the traveler will not. Correct personal information, such as name matching the name in the passport, number of passengers, age, etc. is the responsibility of the user. Problems resulting from incorrect data entry by the user, will not be responsible for the website. Please enter names in English.
  • Hotel reservation is a reservation only encompasses and includes transportation, parking, car rental and ... not unless it has already been harmonized, and this will be published in the confirmation booking.
  • The use of facilities such as food and drink, sauna, jacuzzi, pool, Internet, etc., which are not mentioned in the contract hotel, at additional cost. The passenger is obliged to pay them directly to the hotel.
  • The time of entry / exit passengers to / from the hotel, the hotel information, the reservation confirmation email listed airline and the passenger is obliged to act according to that schedule. Otherwise, their cost to the responsibility of the customer and the system is out of commitments.
  • Reservations through this website, you have a reservation at a hotel where the room, close the legal contract. In this contract, we will only play a mediating role: Booking information you sent a confirmation email from hotel to hotel to send you planned.
  • Online Reservation accordance with the Electronic Commerce Act, other laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • People who harass and disrupt the reserve system in all its forms, ranging from creating multiple temporary reservations calls, etc., with reference to the Electronic Commerce Act and the agency Cyber ​​Police (Police Cyber ​​Intelligence) have been dealt with severely and shall be referred for follow-up to the judiciary.
  • Cancellation or Change hotel accepts the terms Cancellation (which is usually 100% damage), so it is possible it will not be wrong reason can cancel or change hotels.